The classic works related to the first 4 menus were classified based on the following sources:

Important recommendations:

1) in order to have easy access to the site on your mobile phone, please make the shortcut as follows: open with chrome, from the icon with 3 vertical dots on the top right, open the menu and choose the “Add to stop screen” option. In the newly opened window, just leave the word music therapy or whatever name you want to receive the new shortcut and click “add” and then add again. Locate the shortcut and move it where you want.

2) another feature is the use of the application in the situation when the screen is closed (Android phones). To do this, perform the following steps: turn on the song, press the side button of the phone to close the screen, (the song stops automatically in 1-2 sec), press the same side button again, the screen opens locked, no unlock the phone, notice on the top of the phone a tape with the name of the song and the symbols back, play, forward. Click on the play symbol, the song will restart and continue to work even after closing the screen in the side button. [Su_custom_gallery source = “media: 578” width = “610” height = “640”] If the icon in the image does not appear it means that you have several open applications that occupy the respective position, I recommend you to close those applications that have the option to display on the locked screen, by swiping to the right.

Other information.

Compromises: in selecting the songs on we made the following compromises considering that the site was made to be used mainly on the phone and using an internet / wi-fi connection

  • I chose Best of where a composer without a specific work is recommended;
  • I chose the songs with as many views as possible;
  • I chose the auditory quality to the detriment of the performer / conductor;
  • I preferred songs with still images to the detriment of movies (HD) in order to have less data traffic;
  • I marked with a star at the end of the title under the song where the selected song on does not correspond 100% with the source of the information, but it is close. The title of the song is exactly what you will find in the book by academician I.B. Iamandescu. If you find the song on, please let me know to adapt it on the site.

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