General information: the use of this segment is optional and does not represent a component of music therapy. The medical articles underlying this site do not refer to the frequencies of Dr. R. R. Rife. See Google for more information. Its use does not guarantee cure for selected diseases, it is up to you to use it.

How to use: choose a frequency / condition from the drop-down list, press PLAY. Adjust the volume so as not to disturb, and then select the classic work you want to listen to. I recommend that you adjust the volume of the classic work as well as the generator so that the overlap of the two sounds is not annoying.

Other details: the unique frequencies (first positions) go continuously, and the sharpener will decide to stop them. As for the ailments, they have several frequencies running in succession. Each frequency going 1 minute. If a condition is treated by 5 successive frequencies then we will have a 5 minute sound that will change its pitch (frequency) from minute to minute.

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